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What are hobbies? Hobbies are something that you enjoy doing, it could be collecting coins, dolls, hot wheel cars, stamps, knitting, more less what ever you enjoy doing. When you enjoy doing hobbies, you spend not all of your extra time doing them and you think about doing anything else. We all have different hobbies and different ideas of what hobbies are.Some people make fishing and hunting their hobbies.

Does hobbies cost a lot of money to get started? Hobbies can get very expensive. Then other hobbies do not cost hardly anything to do. Like collecting coins can get very costly. If you cant afford to put money in on a hobby maybe you should try to pick one that does cost a lot like knitting or something to do with crafts there are a ton of things you can do that don't cost nothing.

How do I get started with my hobby? You have to decide what you enjoy, things that interest you like maybe collecting coins, or stamps or maybe you want to learn the history on them so this can be a good hobby for someone. Maybe someone likes to work with yarn and make things so that may be some one-hobby knitting or crouching. Maybe some one likes to work on cars and that is a hobby of theirs. There is no real way to get started other then doing it and deciding what you want to do as a hobby.

Sit down and try to figure out what you what to do for a hobby. Perhaps you will want to write them down and pick out the one you think you would like. There is nothing wrong with having more then one hobby or later on deciding that you don't want to do this after all and find another one. Just remember hobbies can help you improve your life and keep your mind clear of things so you can think more clearly.

To learn more about hobbies go online and review the different items collected, so that you can decide what hobby is best for you.

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We the Jed Family (Johan, Elsabe and Dawie) love our hobbies.  We stay in a small rural town in the Free State Province of South Africa.  our no:1 hobby is Gardening, but we are always looking for other interesting hobbies, Hope you find new ideas on our pages to enjoy in your free time.

Toy Collecting Information

By: Rayyan Hafez

Toy collecting is a very fulfilling and dynamic hobby that can take you across your town, city or even across the country in your search for the most memorable (and valuable) toys that you can add to your own collection.
In its very essence, toy collecting is an art and like other hobbies that require acquisition, toy collecting also requires some degree of research if you want your quests for toys to be more fulfilling.
Some decades ago, you had to travel around the state (or country) to find good sources of toys to buy and collect.
With today’s Internet, it has never been easier to become a toy collector because the online marketplace offers limitless possibilities in terms of variety, price, quality and make. The online marketplace offers not only new toys from recent manufacturers but also vintage toys from the yester years.

The Taste
Each toy collector has a peculiar taste for toys. This might sound strange to some, since the term ‘taste’ is closely associated with food consumption and flavors. But in a way, collecting toys is also a way of ‘consuming’ the subject of the hobby. As toy collectors, we savor the form and appearance of toys. We appreciate the colors and the detail that each toy adds to the collection.
Variety is always appreciated and in the long term, variety also makes an existing collection valuable, because as you collect more and more toys and dig deeper and deeper into toy garages and auctions, you increase your chance of finding that one toy that can later be auctioned or sold for a very nice price.
Admittedly, not every toy collector is interested in eventually selling toys after acquisitions. Many toy collectors take pride in the fact that they have created a whole space in their home to house the toys and there is never a need to dispose of any of the toys.

From mint to near mint
Serious toy collectors pay attention to a toy’s condition or ‘grade.’ Ideally, you should acquire mint-condition toys that are still in the original packaging. 100% mint toys have never been opened (or if the original package has been opened, the items inside the box should never have been removed or played with). 100% mint toys with intact original packaging can be sold for a much higher price later on.
Toys from the sixties or even earlier that have been preserved well are usually in mind condition but the packaging is usually lost in the process. There are some toys that have been so well preserved that even the original cartons have been kept in good condition but these are generally rare and more expensive.
The third toy grade is "near mint". Toys that have never been played with but do not have the original packaging are considered near mint (as long as the toy is not chipped or does not have any other signs of use/wear such as broken parts or worn down parts).
Vintage toys that have to be assembled carefully straight from the box are usually graded "near mint" because these toys may not have the original packages anymore or the packages might still be there but these may have been worn down already by age.  
Toy collecting is one of the expansion hobbies all over the world. They collect different kind of toys like cars, guns, and super heros.This article is an introduction to toy collecting hobby.


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